Naruto Manga 653 – Obito’s Understanding and Redemption

Trending Beauty will give you the latest update on naruto 653 manga. Any moment from now, naruto 653 spoiler and naruto manga 653 scans will came out of course thanks to mangapanda for naruto 653 raw and mangastrem for the naruto 653 English scans.
naruto manga 653
This isn’t even an inner conflict for Naruto. This chapter is basically just a set up for Obito’s Inner Conflict where Naruto will give the final, mother of all talk-no-jutsu’s…unless he has one left for Madara. There’s not much to really ‘review’ about this chapter because it’s very self explanatory:

1) Cut from Naruto causes Bijuu Chakras links to escape Obito
2) Naruto connects to them and tries to pull em out, can’t do 1 tails and 8 tails so Bee and Gaara do them. (Naruto got their essence from that fist bump b4 or whatever…)
3) Flower dragons stop attacking
4) Shikamaru’s uses Ino as a Verizon Wireless connection to the other fodder ninjas…and they help Naruto to pull the Bijuu chakra out.
5) Naruto finds out about Obito’s childhood love tragedy story.
6) Sasuke helps Naruto pull.
7) Talk-No-Jutsu Heaven.

Now onto predictions:

The only thing that will make this Manga interesting again is if Madara just comes by with his gigantic Susano’o sword and cuts the damn rope of connection.


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