Naruto 656 Spoiler – Madara’s Rinnegan and Sharingan

Watch out for the naruto manga 656 is Wednesday. The translated summary and the scanned pictures from the naruto 656 manga scans will be posted here soon. Hopefully, next chapter Obito will give a more in-depth flashback about his emotions and what lead him to breaking down so hard. They need to make explicit how much Rin meant to Obito in the sense she kept him from falling down from serious personal issues.

naruto manga 656

If Kishimoto shows that Rin, like Hinata, was the only person who didn’t shunned Obito in his childhood and believed in his dreams then it will be a much more acceptable reason for his fall instead of just an Uchiha curse.

In my opinion, Obito’s character feels annoying because Kishimoto held back too much on his reasons besides Rin.

I would like if Kishimoto showed that Obito was bullied hard by his own clan and that other children treated him as laughing stock outside of it, then if they reveal that Rin stood up for him and gave him a purpose in his life that would redeem his character in my eyes.

I mean, part one Naruto was extremely succeptible to corruption because he was an innocent kid with barely any friends. If something like Sakura or Hinata’s death happened back them he would certainly have snapped like Obito.

Besides that, I would like to see Obito calling out on the 5 Kages what their nations did to make him hate them like how Iwa was responsible for the Kannabi bridge, how Kiri was responsible for Rin’s death to deserve his revenge and maybe that Kumo took part on it by luring Minato on a mission.
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