HyunA of 4Minute is a fan of D-Unit

I browse each Hyuna article and post whenever I see them on Korean websites however the Korean fans love her and contemplate her as the best female idols. 4Minute member HyunA has disclosed that she could be a fan of D-Unit and would love to work with them.

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I love D-Unit! The group currently has 4 members, but their line up is meant to constantly change with each release. I been paying attention to their mini-album all day. they’re crazy proficient, and HyunA would be impressive as a guest vocal. A photo was uploaded to D-Unit’s facebook page, showing the group posing with HyunA.

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The idol later confessed to being a fan of the group. “I’ve liked them ever since they debuted. I watch each show they are on. If i buy the prospect, i’d wish to work with them,” HyunA said. D-Unit was excited to listen to regarding HyunA’s enthusiasm towards the group. “If we have a tendency to worked at the side of the noted star HyunA, we’d be terribly happy, they said.

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Representative for both artists said that a collaboration between the two would be possible if their schedules matched up and allowed for it.
4Minute recently appeared and guested on ‘Weekly Idol Overseas Special’. therein broadcast, the ladies graded one another in terms of beauty among their Group.