Goodbye to Angie Miller Top 3 American Idol Season 12

First of all,I am a supporter of Angie Miller. Angie I love you, You are a super star. Your beautiful and very energetic and happy person. But you are a winner. Your journey has just begun. In past seasons we have seen winning American idol isn’t everything. I can think over a handful of people who didn’t win and they made it just as big and a couple bigger than the actual winner of the show.

Angie Miller
Angie Miller

It’s about your drive and determination that will lead a persons success after the show is over!!! Love Angie because she’s a dreamer that’s going to go far without the American Idol title I have loved Angie since Hollywood week when she stood out well above the rest. The smile, the beauty, the voice, the talent. Cannot believe she went home and not the finale. She will be the most successful from this season guaranteed.

I think America keeps voting on sad stories and not talent , I love Kree and her amazing strength of survival and no doubt she has some powerful pipes, but she lacks confidence on the stage . I personally love Angie and Candice who really sings with great emotions and not to mention her powerful voice , All these three girls not only have great talent but you can see they come from really humble and decent Christian families , that is why , and I don’t know if I’m being old school here , but I thought Mariah’s video was very inappropriate and something I would have loved to know what these three girls really thought of that peace of trash that shouldn’t had been aired on a show where millions of families with little kids were watching .

this was so set up for Candace to win!! Angie should be in the finals for sure but the judges have totally overrated Candace and she should not be in the finals at all!!! lets all vote for Kree to win to override the judges definitely subjective view!! Angie should have been in the final and i think they thought she would have won so they put Kree in so Candace would be a sure win! Well not this time!! I will vote for Kree!!!

unfortunately Idol is not fair anymore. Angie was the most talented by far. The judges did their best to sway the vote and I hope they can all sleep at night. I would LOVE to see any of the other contestants write their music, play the piano while singing, and have such a beautiful voice at the same time! No more Idol for me,,,,even with all of the judges leaving, it will still be a joke. No more idol for me unless they can come up with a way to do fair voting, and the judges stop influencing the votes.

She was ripped off. She won the night with the exception of one song. She should have made the final. This Along with all 4 judges leaving is the beginning of the end of Idol. I’m sure that Angie is grateful and doesn’t feel entitled to win. She won when she made it to Hollywood and won even bigger when she made it to the top 10 and on to the top 3. American Idol owes her nothing because they have already given her a HUGE platform for a start to have a musical career. How much more blessed can she be. She didn’t walk in a celebrity but now she’s walking out as one. So don’t cry for her because she hasn’t lost. She’s a winner already and now her success will be left up to her just the same as Candace Kree and the other top 10. Go get it girl.

I am so mad right now, can’t believe Angie got the boot when I think she did amazing last night. was so heartbreaking to watch her sing one last time but you watch she will become a bigger star than whoever wins. and Mariah should be embarrassed about that trashy video she did, it was horrible, I was embarrassed for her. I won’t be watching the finale, I could care less who wins now. Angie is so good she won’t have a problem having a successful career. Jeez people, lighten up. Kree probably won because a lot of country music lovers voted for her, Candace is a powerful singer. It’s no more complicated than that.