Bleach 538 – The Quincy’s Second Prince

I like where Bleach 538 is going. For too long Ichigo and even Kenpachi has been ignorantly powerful. Now that they have more insight about themselves their power will increase.

bleach manga 538

Kenpachi learning the name of his zanpakuto. Ichigo now doesn’t have that shinigami/human mentality, but also knows his quincy roots as well which will change everything.

I don’t think that Ichigo’s Bankai OR Quincy powers can be taken away from him. My theory is simply that he is neither Human, Hollow, Shinigami nor Quincy, but an entirely different and unique race in his own right.Confused? Well, what happens if you mix yellow and blue paint…..well, at first you’d get a messy swirl of yellow and blue paint; this represents Ichigo’s initial state when he was conceived, as he was part Human, part Hollow, part Shinigami, and part Quincy.

Keep mixing the paint, and that messy swirl blends to produce green paint; this represents Ichigo how he is now, or how he will be soon. My point is that green paint is neither blue nor yellow, despite from being formed from blue and yellow paint; Ichigo’s the same, as he was formed from all 4 races, but over time he has become something that (here’s the key word) transcends all of them.

We know for sure the Soul King isn’t a Quincy because Bach created them.. and we know for sure he isn’t a simple Shinigami because of the odd force field around him makes it seem more of a… quincy/orihime thing? All in all Ichigo is probably the first hybrid of his kind, and I believe it is just like the soul king. The only difference is, the Soul King probably doesn’t have “Human” in him like all of the shinigami and quincy were said to have.


Bleach 536 Cosplay – No Bleach Manga 536 This Week!

Because of Obon, national holiday in Japan, There will be no Bleach 536 manga this week. Just read my bleach 536 spoiler and prediction with cute cosplay from bleach anime girls. The bleach chapter 536 was epic, but it did something to the overall flashback that I do not like. It feels rushed. All of a sudden, while it was expected, it still felt rushed that Isshin suddenly sacrifices his powers for Masaki’s sake, and Urahara and Ryuuken etc.

bleach manga 536

All getting along so fast, it felt too convenient, like a puzzle that was preset to match easily, aka a boring puzzle.  I mean, that was really fast! I don’t question Isshin’s decision, but more the flashback beeing rushed. Other than that, I’m happy with the development in itself, just not how it felt rushed. The Shiba clan was basically kicked out of SS cus of Isshin, and Isshin lost his powers cus of saving Masaki which is why he became human. Now I know why Aizen was so interested in Ichigo.. Urahara managed to stop the hollowification thingy for Masaki and Aizen was obviously interested to see how her child turned out. So in a way.. Ichigo was an experiment, however I’m wondering why he isn’t so interested in karin and yuzu they’re both Masaki’s children too. Or maybe cus Ichigo was the first child and it affects the first child more? Who knows.

Also, I’m intrigued to know what the relationship between Isshin and Kaien is. I doubt Isshin is the father, he wouldn’t have given up everything so easily for Masaki if he’d had a wife/children so he’s probably their uncle or something. But isn’t it too co-incidential that ichigo looks Exactly like kaien except the hair?? Which made me think something else.. what if Kaien was the hollow that attacked Masaki.. and that’s why Ichigo looks exactly like him?

If i recall it was said a former 10th Division Captain was said to have fallen in battle yet they didnt confirm who it was at the time, but i believe other readers have posted in the forum that the former captain is Isshin since he pretty much all round just “Disappeared” or as we know now gave up all his powers to become human.
I believe Isshin is the father as well, but may or may not explain his Shinigami powers, Remember it is highly likely the Hollow Soul he has which is made from a dead Shinigami could be Kaien which is why he looks jsut like Kaien but with Orange hair like Masaki

What Kubo is showing us now is Isshin/Masaki’s backstory from Isshin’s point of view, so I doubt he’s really aware of Juha Bach and his gang at this point, there’s no way Juha Bach called Ichigo his son or something along the lines, without some meaning behind it, and Kubo is probably gonna leave this for later. Ichigo’s past is still not totally clear until Juha Bach speaks about it too

I will post the latest update when the bleach manga 536 released!