Davichi’s "Be Warned" Became Top Song of The Week

Congratulations Davichi Their latest album “Turtle” sales kept rising week after week. They show much respect each other, which is one reason why I love their ballad style so much! Kang Min Kyung and Haeri are both equally beautiful!

 Davinchi song Be Warned

Check out the girls performing “Turtle” and “Take A Drink Together” below!
Kang Min Kyung confessed that she’s jealous of Haeri‘s legs.
Davinchi song turtle
On the 5th, Davichi appeared as guests on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook‘. Host Yoo Hee Yeol asked Kang Min Kyung, “Is there anything about Haeri you’re jealous of?” She told Haeri, “Stand up.” When the older member did, Kang Min Kyung pointed out, “Her legs are gorgeous.”
The MC joked, “If you say it like that, I can’t even look when I pass by,” and Kang Min Kyung said, “No, you can look. Look!“.
Haeri was asked the same question, and she answered, “I’m jealous of her age and height.”
Davinchi album cover
The song was released on March 4 and was a pre-release from their second full-length album, Mystic Ballad. Turtle went on to top both the weekly charts for the 1st week of March and the Monthly Gaon charts of March. But it doesn’t seem to be enough from one of Korea’s musical phenomenon. After a rise in sales on its 5th week, with 16,629,743 DA, Turtle registers its 3rd best sales week on its 6th – though their ranking dropped to 12th due to a high sales week.

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Alike label-mates T-ara, Davichi has accustomed fans to creating surprises and unmatchable longevity. But for a song that top both the weekly and the monthly charts this is really a first to saw yet another increase in sales week after week. Turtle has now crossed the 100 million DA mark and their sales amount to exactly 103,378,039 Digital Aggregate after 6 weeks. Turtle is more than ever a strong contender, maybe not for song of the year but for a hot seat within the yearly top 10.
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As of Davichi’s other releases, Be Warmed confirms its status by totaling 51.612.469 in just 2 weeks, with one of the highest grossing second week for any song that topped the weekly charts.
Both have long and nice legs! But Minkyungs ones are long and straight while Haeri’s are toned and well proportioned for her body! Just my opinion haha.


Davichi‘s Kang Min Kyung Speak up About Plastic Surgery Rumors

I just got back to US. I wished I could see Talented duo Davichi‘s Kang Min Kyung and Haeri in real person but failed. But, there is always next time. Until then, take care girls!! Like us and be updated what is happening about Kang Min Kyung and also to her duo group Davichi Haeri. Kang Min Kyung is well known for her milky white skin and long slim legs and arms.

Kang Min Kyung 2013

When she shot a commercial for the brand last month, she captivated the entire crew’s eyes by performing and posing well. she has soft and clear skin and She also has a fabulous figure.

Davichi‘s Kang Min Kyung spoke up about the rumors claiming she received plastic surgery. She came out as a guest on Mnet‘s ‘Wide Entertainment News‘, and addressed the issue herself. She revealed, “On some show, they took a really badly taken photo of me from middle school, compared to how I am now, and said that I shaved down my chin. I was so mad that I’ve prepared my own pictures. Isn’t my chin really narrow?”

Kang Min Kyung commercial 2013

She had brought out photos from when she was young that showed her naturally narrow chin. MC Moon Hee Jun sympathized with her and said, “She must have been felt really wronged to prepare these pictures when she’s busy with album promotions. If she really got her chin done, she would have hidden it all, but if she brought out her graduation album, it means she really didn’t.”

Kang Min Kyung music 2013

Kang Min Kyung let out more pent up frustration, saying, “Plastic surgery rumors have been following me around for 6 years. It bothers me every year. I just hope people realize it’s not true.“

Kang Min Kyung album 2013

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Kang Min Kyung song 2013

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Kang Min Kyung sexy pics

The duo showed what luxurious glamour means as they donned colorful accessories from Italian accessory brand ‘Bruno Magli‘ and black-and-white dresses. Not only are both singers incredibly talented and beautiful, but their confidence radiated through their fierce charisma, leaving fans in awe