One Piece 710 – Hiatus For a Week Eichiro Oda

Let’s pray for Oda Sensei’s Recovery Ohh No One Piece 710 This week, Get well soon Oda Sensei.. My heart just stopped from a post on Facebook, so I came here to verify if it was true and it is. . . . Life has become so sad when I start looking at One Piece being my weekly dose of sanity. I hope Oda gets better soon!
one piece 710 eichiro oda

The spiraling depression of reading about Oda’s illness had me pondering how a match up between Bartolomeo and Fujitora would play out. That would be pretty interesting to see gravity vs barrier.
Well in my point of view Bartolomeo works for Big Mom. But he could also do it for Luffy, his example

But I really don’t understand why you guys talk about Sabo. He’s dead. That’s a pity but he is, as Ace. I could be a grat thing that he pop out a a moment, but I highly doubt it.

About Zoro, as someone said, he’s gonna get into the things and will be a very important story in this Arc. I’d like the Delivering group to fight CP0 (only the three). I want to see Robin in a real fight where she gives everything she got. As for Usopp, I want Oda to state if he’s gonna get rape as before
I don’t mind the manga stopping, I just want him to get better soon and healthy. WE all dont want another case of anime becoming like Kaze no stigma and shin-chan