HyunA, Hyorin and Goo Hara New Soju Commercial 2013

Who is your favorite “Chum Churum” model?
Cheoeum Cheorum Soju released their 2nd commercial featuring their models, 4Minute’s HyunA, SISTAR’S Hyorin and Kara’s Goo Hara.

The three ladies take sexy to a whole new level. Enjoy the CF below: The CF showed the three girls participating in a dance battle, catching the eyes of viewers with their powerful yet sexy dance moves. In the end of the video, viewers were asked to vote for their favorite “Chum Churum” girl on their official website, Facebook, and Youtube channel.
 HyunA, Hyorin and Goo Hara
HyunA, Hyorin and Goo HaraHyunA, Hyorin and Goo HaraHyunA, Hyorin and Goo HaraHyunA, Hyorin and Goo Hara
The new commercial follows up on Chum-Churum’s prior promise to their fans, when they stated that they would release a ’round 3′ CF for HyunA once her combined views on previous commercials hit 1,000,000 views total.

The new commercial is similar in theme and visuals to her previous two CFs, showing the new ‘sexy queen’ strutting her stuff and bewitching viewers with her charisma. Kara’s Goo Hara soju CF with 4minute’s HyunA and Sistar’s Hyorin is already gaining a lot of interest because it’s the first time new models have participated in the endorsement for the brand. Before them, Lee Hyori collaborated with the brand for more than 5 years.


SISTAR19 Hyorin and Bora on Ceci Magazine

Hyorin and Bora of SISTAR19 poses like twins for the April edition of Ceci magazine.
Hyorin and Bora wore clothes that fit in with a “twin-look” concept. In addition, the pictures show the two that make them look like they are mirror images of each other. 

sistar hyorinn and bora pics

sistar19 hyorinn and bora pics

hyorin and bora ceci magazine

sistar hyolyn and bora

hyolyn and bora of sistar

hyorin and bora of sistar

hyorin and bora sistar

sistar hyorin and bora

sistar hyorin and bora image

Sistar’s Hyorin revealed that she is very confident with her body! On March 8, cable channel KBS W’s “Son Tae Young’s W Show” aired a special segment with Sistar19. Members Hyorin and Bora showed the table choreography from their latest track “Gone, Not Around Any Longer” and the audience was fixated throughout their demonstration.

When asked which idol has a beautiful body, Hyorin responded that 4minute’s Heo Ga Yoon and HyunA’s bodies were great. She also added, “My body is in the top five among idols.” Bora added, “She has the body type that easily loses weight.” Both girls were seen in the skirt at about the same time.

Bora wore it when she and her other Sistar members posed for the September 2012 Issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, while Hyorin donned the skirt when she appeared in the September 2012 issue of Sure magazine. Bora paired her skirt with a simple black sleeveless top and black mary janes, while Hyorin went for a more colorful look by pair her skirt with a red and black blouse, and pink, black and silver wedge heels.