Kitahara Rie of AKB48 to Appear in Kazoku Game Drama

Kitahara Rie will be on the drama, “KAZOKU GAME”, which will be broadcast from April 17 2013.
It’s her first time after a long time being in a drama series, so She is really happy.
This will be a big step in her dream of becoming an actress.
She is still a beginner in this field, but she will do her very best.
so please give her your support. Please don’t miss watching the kazoku game drama.

Kitahara Rie pictures

Kitahara Rie pics

Kitahara Rie photos

Kitahara Rie AKB48 pics

Rie Kitahara, who will appear in a Fuji TV drama for the first time ever, stated excitedly, “The story is exciting and strong and I will approach the role as an actress rather than an idol.” Although AKB48 forbids romantic relationships, there will be sweet scenes as her character and Kamiki’s character will be dating in the drama.

Nirooni (AKB48’s Yokoyama Yui), Kitarie (Kitahara Rie) and Sasshi (HKT48’s Sashihara Rino) listened to a song called the 9th of March by Remioromen. Kitarie revealed that Takamina (AKB48’s Takahashi Minami) thought the song was called the 10th of March and then the three started to recite the lyrics of the song in unison on G+ – and in the middle of doing so they changed it to another Remioromen song, Konayuki. At the end Nirooni thanked fans for “listening” to their performance.

Kitahara Rie is a member of AKB48’s ‘Team B’, formerly from ‘Team A’. She was promoted to ‘Team A’ on July 30, 2008 after 4 months of training as an AKB48 SEED. She is also a member of Not yet.