Korean Actress Park Min Young New Movie This 2013

Good News ! Min Young was on MBC ‘Section TV’. The interview was done while she was shooting for COMPAGNA. Park Min Young celebrated her 28th birthday last March 2013 and Park Min Young thanks fans for their birthday wishes and gifts. She became more beautiful, and her acting is great. I miss her, I hope we will see her soon on screen. I wished she will make a new drama series or movie this 2013.
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The crowd gathered at A’pieu’s Myeongdong outlet last April 5, 2013 waiting for Park Min Young’s arrival. A’pieu organized a fan-signing event where the first 120 lucky customers will have a chance to see Minyoung upclose-and-personal and maybe even shake her hand. The lovely Minyoung never failed to amaze the awaiting fans with her star-quality presence. Many posted their photos immediately after they got the signed mini-poster, and even accounted their experience on that day.

If I was there I would definite buy anything from the shop just to have Minyoung’s autograph.

Park Min Young admits to plastic surgery. She stated, “I got double eyelid surgery in junior high school. My mom let me get it so I could become prettier. I also got my nose done, but that’s only because my nose was crooked during junior high.”
Park Min Young Drama Series 2013

Having earned much popularity for her ‘goddess-like looks,’ Park Min Young went through some difficult times after pictures during her elementary school days were revealed.
When asked why she decided to reveal it, “I don’t think it’s a bad idea to truthfully state something as is. The past is important, but I hope people focus more on the current ‘actress Park Min Young.‘”

Regarding her schedule, Park said, “I’m thankful for it. I have a simple personality, so with work that’s really fun, I work really hard and with things I don’t want to do, I really don’t do. I like acting, so if I like a character I immerse myself fully into her, and I think people look favorably on that. I feel like that translates to the screen. And I also think I’ve been fortunate.”
Check the cute pics of Par Min Young Below.

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Choi Yeo Jin Lead Actress on Next Drama Series 2013

An absurdly low rating for one so talented and captivating! You may not all like her, girls, but I guarantee that your boyfriend, husband, brother and dad does!

On March twenty third, role player Choi Yeo Jin appeared on tvN ‘SNL Korea’. throughout the show, Choi Yeo Jin appeared in a very mini dress of gold color, and caught audience attention with her excellent body form.

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Choi Yeo Jin drama 2013

Choi Yeo Jin pictures

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With a bright smile, she aforementioned hi, and said, “I’m terribly nervous. i would create mistakes, people might not enjoy watching me, but please give me a plenty of cheers.”
An absurdly low rating for one so talented and captivating.  It’s been ten years since Choi Yeo Jin debuted, and She do not very have abundant hits to this point,” and therefore the staffs disclosed connected keywords list of Choi Yeo Jin.

The first connected keyword was ‘Choi Yeo Jin ugly’. As she saw the keyword, Choi Yeo Jin laughed, and said, “It’s pain. i am not the prettiest actress ever, however do not I look quite happy with my body shape?” Later on, Choi Yeo Jin showed some attractive dance beside the background with music. She’s therefore cute, She’s beautiful and magnificent! She should have been the lead. I want her to be a lead pretty bad!

however still not enough screen time. perhaps its her image. It matches second lead characters. however i still need her to be a lead in a very drama! Her and Lee gyu Han dynasty area unit therefore cute along. She is pretty and good actress Owns the screen each minute that she’s thereon. Even once the lead actress comes into read, I tend to look at Choi Yeo-jin.