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Lee Min Young (Hangul: 이민영; Hanja: 李玟暎), also known as Miss A Min, is a South Korean idol singer, actress, dancer, rapper, MC and model. She is the main dancer of the Korean girl group miss A which is under AQ Entertainment, a JYP Entertainment sub-label. Before debuting with miss A, Min had some notable recognition in South Korea and some parts of America for being “Lil Jon’s protege”. She is considered as JYP’s longest trainee having been trained for eight years before debuting.

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Birth Name: Lee Min Young
Stage Name: Min
Birthday: June 21, 1991
Position: Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer
Nationality: Korean
Weight: 49 kg

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Fun Facts:
-Min’s fans are called M&M.
-Min’s favorite color is pink.
-Min can speak fluent korean and english.
-Min is the lead vocalist and main dancer of miss A.
-Min’s height is 161cm, weight is 41kg

-Min came from one of the best dance schools in Korea.
-Min stayed in the U.S for 6 years during her training days and speaks English fluently.
-Min studied at the Repertory Company High School in Manhattan.
-Min did a collaboration with American PD Jonathan Smith (Lil John)
-Min is often called bubbly Min.
-Min’s nickname is Mini Min.

-Min doesn’t live with in the dorm with the other girls, she lives with her grandma who lives nearby.
min likes palm trees, she said it comforts her.
-When Min was trained in the US, she got an extreme diet, like not even drinking water for two days.
-Min lost a lot of weight while preparing for A Class album.
-Min’s movie debut “Countdown” is directed by Huh Jong Ho.
-Min said she can’t be herself too much on variety shows, because there are too many seniors and she must control herself.
-Min said she is confident when it comes to dancing.
-Min is Jia’s teacher for Korean slang languages.
-Min’s favorite season is autumn.
-Min and JOO (JYPE’s solo singer) were supposed to be in the Wonder Girls.
-Min is collecting say A’s gifts in her own room.

-Min had a boy friend in the US without JYP knowing.
-Min loves Singapore because it reminds her of her previous time in Los Angeles
-Min was praised by senior-actress Jeon Do Yeon for her acting in Countdown.
-Min thinks that she has big upper thighs.
-Min thinks that Suzy has long legs.
-Min thinks that Jia’s legs are skinny.
-Min was a fixed student on KBS’s variety show Oh! My School, also known as 100 Out of 100.
-Min’s favorite’s JYP song is “Elevator”.
-Min loves both pasta and ramen.
-Min’s blood type is A.
-Min and SNSD’s Hyoyeon formed a dance duo named “Little Winners”
-Min is the one who helped Jia in her English for her rap in the song “Mr. Johnny”
-Min loves to play video games.