Live It Up for Jennifer Lopez with Pitbull on American Idol

Jennifer Lopez is so talented and beautiful and natural in her personality but her performance is uncomfortable for her age. She was absolutely amazing.

 After all her years of performing and having twins, she looks and sounds beautiful! No matter what anyone does, there will always be haters… But, haters are the ones that make you stronger! Go on girl! Anyone who thinks she sucks is just jealous, lets see you be that amazing!!! Jennifer is Multi talented and can sing , act, dance and has a super hot BF with an amazing life and family don’t be jealous be happy for her
 Jennifer Lopez did her thang! So many haters. Age Nuthing but a number. I don’t care if she was 90 she rocked it, she looked great and looks better than many half her age! Green does not look good on the haters! Give the woman her props! All her songs with pitbull sound exactly alike.

Just so you people know Mariah and keith pre recorded songs last night after the show aired and people in the pit said Mariah didnt lip sync the whole thing.
She sang 3 takes of it and it was edited down to that…she also sang a couple of her songs acapella to warm up which wasn’t shown. According to people there it was edited by fox….poorly.

Get your facts straight before you make judgements when you weren’t even there. Jennifer Lopez is an Entertainer. Mariah is a Vocalist both are awesome this is the difference as well for American Idol is for Vocalist, and X-FACTOR is for Entertainers. Kree & Candice stay true to your Vocalist. If they are bringing Jennifer Lopez back, they should keep Keith Urban, too..both good personalities, and good looking..stay away from the wild characters. Live it up Jennifer! Age does not matter! She is beautiful and she is living a full and wonderful life!