T-ara’s Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon and Ahreum "Rural Life" in May

I’m for it ! I love T-ara and I’d prefer to see them comeback all together, but it’s clever to make a sub-unit with Areum, who is basically “the new girl” with the three who were mainly in the center of the scandal with Hwayoung. Also, Eujung, Hyomin and Jiyeon are my top 3 in T-ara so I’m glad Areum has a nice voice and all too

t-ara sub-unit pics
Core Contents Media broke the news on the 27th, stating, “A unit made up of Jiyeon-Eunjung-Hyomin-Areum is scheduled to launch.”

 The group is set to debut in late April to early May as they want to go on stage as early as they could. T-ara’s sub-unit just finished recording the song and are now preparing for their activities, they will debut with ‘Rural Life’.

T-ara’s first time doing units was during the promotion of ‘Bunny Style’ in Japan. The units were Soyeon-Areum, Boram-Qri and Hyomin-Jiyeon-Eunjung. But this is their first time doing a formal unit activity.

Many fans have been asking why they will be making a comeback with a sub-unit. The answer is because since Hwayoung left the group, a lot of people have been questioning their popularity, and by this sub-unit, they will try to take the hearts of many people back .

Well I feel like this subunit has 2 purposes:
1) CCM is trying to promote Ahreum even more. I will admit she’s talented and that it’s good that the company is giving her a chance, but she couldn’t even sing her high note in Day by Day live. That’s embarrassing and almost shameful.
2) They’re just trying to impress the fans. Jiyeon-Eunjung-Hyomin has always been a power trio (they all sing, dance, rap, and act pretty well) so adding Ahreum should be just as good.