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Miss A Fei (real name: Chinese: 王霏霏; pinyin: Wáng Fēifēi, Korean :왕페이페이) birth April 27, 1987, is the lead vocalist of the South Korean girl group Miss A. Fei is considered one of the four best well-known and recognized female celebrities of Chinese origin active in the South Korean entertainment scene, along with fellow Miss A member Jia, f(x)’s leader Victoria Song, and fashion model Wei Sun.

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Real name: Wang Feifei (Chinese: 王霏霏)
Birth date: April 27, 1987
Birthplace: Haikou, Hainan, China

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She was born on April 27, 1987 in Haikou, Hainan, China. She is currently attending Seoul Institute of the Arts (SeoulArts), formally known as Seoul Art College, alongside miss A’s Jia and After School’s Nana. In China, Fei appeared on the Zhejiang TV (浙江电视台) audition program “The More She Dances The Prettier She Is” (“越 跳越 美丽”).
She was a member of the Chinese version of the Wonder Girls, ‘Sisters,’ she is now a member of South Korean girl group, Miss A. In 2010, she, as well as the other future members of miss A, was an advertising model for Samsung Anycall China.

Fun Facts:
-Fei’s fans are called Feithfuls.
-Fei was scouted on her way to dance school in Guang Zhou.
-Fei was trained for 3 years and learned Korean during her training days, now she is able to speak -Korean quite fluently.
-Fei was part of JYP Sisters with fellow member Jia, Wonder Girls’ Lim, Sarah, and Xiao Fei.
-Fei’s favorite color is red.
-Fei can speak mandarin, korean, and minimal english.
-Fei is the main vocalist of miss A.
-Fei’s height is 164cm, weight is 45kg.

-Fei likes Tamia.
-Fei likes to play video games.
-Jia, Min, and Suzy like the Chinese food that Fei cooks.
-Fei thinks whatever she cooks is nice.
-Fei can cook well. miss A members eat anything she cooks.
-Fe’s hobby is shopping.
-Fei said that she is a sensitive type, can get hurt easily.
-Fei said that Jia is the most influential person to her in Korea.
-Fei can cook well for any menu that she cooks for the first time. Even if she failed, just for one time.even if she failed, just for one time.

-Fei decorated her room with the color red.
-According to Suzy, Fei’s eyes and mouth look bigger when she’s laughing.
-Fei hurt herself a lot when dancing for Good-bye Baby at first.
-Fei said that family is her everything.
-When Fei came to Korea for the first time, her Korean was hopeless.
-Fei is collecting body mists and hats.
-Fei likes luxurious and simple fashion style for now.
-3 things that Fei need for her happiness are parents, success and boyfriend.
-Fei more interested in acting on movies than drama.
-Fei wants to make her own business.
-Fei likes to hear Lady Gaga’s Judas on party.