SNSD Yuri Kwon Girls Generation 2013 Pictures and Profile

Kwon Yuri is a member of South Korean girl group Girls Generation. She casted at SM Casting System and finishing the contest in 2001 SM Youth Best Selection Contest where she ranked at 2nd place for being Best Dancers of SM Trainees.

SNSD Yuri Kwon

Yuri was born in Goyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea on December 5, 1989. She auditioned at the SM Entertainment Casting System and joined the company in 2001 after finishing in second place in the 2001 SM Youth Best Dancer Contest. She then underwent training for 5 years and 11 months before her debut. She has an older brother, Kwon Hyuk-jun. One of her nicknames, “Black Pearl,” reflects her skin tone, which is slightly darker than the other members of Girls’ Generation.
Stage Name: YuRi (권유리)Birth Name: Kwon Yu Ri (권유리)
Group Position : Supporting Vocalist & Lead Dancer
Nicknames : Black Pearl & Kkamyool & Kkamchi & Ggab-Yul
Languages : Korean (Fluent), English, Chinese (Fluent), Japanese
DOB: December 5, 1989
Height: 167cm
Weight: 45kg
Blood Type: AB
School: NeungGok High School, Graduated (2008)
Casted: 2001 SM 1st Annual Youth Best Contest
Training Duration: 5 Years 11 Months
School: ChungAng University (중앙대학교) Department of Theater | graduated from Neunggok High School

Girls Generation Yuri Kwon

She graduated from NeungGok High School in 2008 and is currently attending at Chung-Ang University along with fellow group member Sooyoung.


– 2005 KM Super Junior Show ‘The King’s Boyfriend’
– 2006 CF Dongil Highvill Lake City
– 2006 MV DBSK – ‘Beautiful Life‘
– 2006 CF China Chocopie CF (with Jang Dong-gun)
– 2006 CF East-West food Hat Choco mitte
– 2007 Movie ‘Attack on the Pin-Up Boys‘ (as Ballet Girl)
– 2007 Sitcom KBS ‘Unstoppable Marriage’ (as Kwon Yu-ri)
– 2008 OST for SBS drama Working Mom ‘Ggok‘ (with Sooyoung)
– 2008 Variety Show KBS2 ‘Kko Kko Tour’ season 2
– 2009 MV K.Will – ‘Tears are Dropping (눈물이 뚝뚝)‘
– 2009 MV Joo Hyunmi & Seohyun – ‘Jjalajajja (짜라자짜)‘
– 2009 MC for MBC Music Core (with Tiffany)
– 2009 Variety show KBS2 ‘Invincible Youth’ (as part of Girl7)
– 2010 CF ‘Biotherm’ (with Daniel Henney; Tiffany & Sooyoung)
Yuri Kwon Girls Generation


  • Her image is that of sexiness, but she’s also known for her “kkab” (crazy / hyper, playful acts).
  • Yuri often talks to herself in a self-hypnosis way.
  • Among her nicknames are “Black Pearl” and “Cola”.
  • She wrote the lyrics to one of SNSD’s ballads, titled “Mistake”. The song was included in SNSD’s third mini-album.
  • Yuri is a health nut. Every morning, Yuri drinks grinded Ma juice mixed with milk, honey, and apples.
  • “Yuri” literally means “glass” in Korean.
  • Yuri collects Mickey Mouse items. She also likes anime/manga Crayon Shinchan.
  • Yuri’s favorite Japanese food is takoyaki.
  • Yuri’s ideal man is Song Seung-hoon.
  • Yuri cried most of the time, if she’s talking about members..
  • Yuri got slapping habit
  • Yuri acts feminine when a handsome guy is near her
  • Yuri can’t play badminton well
  • Yuri can’t do Math well
  • Yuri is now SooYoung’s university hoobae
  • Yuri can make an imitation of Oh Duri
  • Yuri ever pranked Sunny with a call to Chunji radio just because she missed Sunny so much
  • Yuri is the slowest member in learning new moves
  • When Yuri forgot her “Honey” lyrics, she just kept smiling when it’s her turn (check Honey Live Performance 22 December 2007)
  • Yuri takes care of her health so much
  • Yuri is one of the shikshins in SNSD
  • Yuri used to be very skinny before being casted in Unstoppable Marriage but after appearing in the sitcom with Sooyoung, her weight increased by 5kg! Interestingly, Sooyoung didn’t gain any weight at all over the same time period
  • Yuri can’t cook. But she holds cooking contests with Taeyeon sometimes. And as expected, Taeyeon is always the winner. Haha!
  • Yuri had a boyfriend when she was in grade 10
  • Yuri appeared in a Super Junior’s movie “Attacks of the pin up boys” and she play as a ballerina who in the end get in a dance group with Heechul, Donghae
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  • Once, the members pranked Yuri in the April fool day in 2008.. Yuri was so shocked that the members didn’t wanna give this kind of prank to her anymore..
  • Yuri has 3 stages when she’s mad!
  • Yuri has a healthy habit of grinding ma and drinking it every morning
  • Yuri’s nickname “Black Pearl”, was given by an unni back in her training days
  • Yuri has an older brother who’s currently doing military service
  • When she’s tired, she sleeps with her tongue slightly sticking out
  • Yuri’s specialty is swimming
  • Yoona is amazing and dedicated. She barely slept while working on YAMD & Yul liked to call her just to listen to her voice
  • Yuri posted private pics like her using 1st anni stuff in 2008 and more on her blog!
  • Yuri used to own a blog (tossi) and no one believed it was her until she posted her baby picture … you can read trans at ssf
  • Yuri used to stay at home a lot and listen to Sunny’s Chunji radio
  • Yuri likes to collect candles and the most recent one she bought looks like chocolate and even smells like chocolate
  • Yuri forgets the lyrics very frequently (she ever forget several songs’ lyrics. One of them is Honey song)
  • Yuri’s hobby is Yoga
  • Yuri’s very flexible (definitely)
  • Yuri’s current roommate is Yoona (previous roommate is Sunny)
  • Yuri is a prankster. She has teased Fany with fake bugs
  • Yuri once tied other members shoelaces together and ran away
  • Yuri is also a bug catcher
  • Yuri can play the violin and piano
  • She has impressive Engrish skills. Some of her quotes,”Don’t touchy me”, “Made in USA”,and “Today is Monday”
  • Yuri has a mole right above her bellybutton
  • When Yuri talks to guys the tone of her voice changes
  • Yuri’s favorite dishes are jjajjangmyun and omurice (The first one was mentioned on invincible youth and the second on some radio show I think)
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  • Yuri likes listening to Jason Mraz (link for the proof is in page 6 )
  • Ok Ju Hyun talked on Invincible Youth once about Yuri’s butt. According to her Yuri has an Apple Butt
  • Yuri likes to imitate other members
  • Yuri is the lawyer of SNSD cause when in an argument, she list down what she has to say first
  • Yuri loves Mickey Mouse so much and she has the same birthdate as Walt Disney (maker of that famous mouse XD)
  • Yuri said that she was a “happy virus”
  • Yuri scared SuJu’s Leetuek because of her dinosaur noises. (Champagne)
  • Yuri said that his ideal guys is “someone who can adeptly change a tire.” (Love Generation)
  • Yuri was the last person to graduate from high school out of the SNSD members graduating in year 2008
  • Yuri usually bring up the mood in their family during Lunar New Year by singing “trot” in front of her grandmother and grandfather and doing cute things. (Interview from StarNews, 2008)
  • It takes 3 days for Yuri to master a choreography
  • Yuri is very proud with her S-line
  • Yuri can’t reach the high so(3rd octave??) note (IY)
  • Yuri has the most hand holding scences with Jessica
  • Yuri’s most closest friend in SNSD is Jessica
  • Yuri is now in College with Big Bang’s Seung-ri
  • Yuri’s hair grows fast